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Inspire Courage

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”
~Sir Winston Churchill

Inspire Courage is bigger than a hashtag for marketing purposes.  Yes it plays along with our name, David's Courage, but it really goes beyond that.

To inspire someone means to give them motivation, to give them encouragement.  We also like to think it gives people hope.  Our call to action, to inspire courage, is cheering on someone that needs courage. 

Needing courage goes beyond addiction.  It can be a single mother who does not know how she is going to get through her day of juggling.  A simple smile and non-judgmental kindness can give her courage.  What a different experience her kids will have that evening.  A distracted mother with feelings of fear and discouragement or a mother with hope and a hint of courage within.  That mother's behavior will trickle down to her children.  You will have indirectly inspired their courage as well.

What about a 15-year old boy who was distracted and just bumped into you.  A simple "that's okay" vs. "watch it" might be the smallest piece of encouragement that gave him a glimpse of goodness that directed his next action.  He might have been wavering about some illegal activities.  Instead, he absorbed your peace and had the courage to tell his friends no.

And perhaps a gentleman at the grocery store is moving slowly through the aisle in front of you.  As you grow increasingly frustrated you can't get around him you have a choice, to grumble as you abruptly move around him or show him grace.  What you don't know is two aisles over are shelves of alcohol.  They contain bottle after bottle of his giant.  A small bit of kindness might just be the inspiration of courage he needs to skip that aisle.

People will often cling to an encounter even if it is the smallest interaction.  For those still trying to find themselves through Christ, it might solidify their thoughts of themselves and the world as good or bad.  What a difference our community would be if when someone was grasping to hold onto something, it was of goodness and encouragement.  

When we were considering a branding hashtags #InspireCourage was so clear.  We must cheer on and celebrate courage.  We must inspire our family, friends, and neighbors to act on courage.  Our hope is people's lives will forever be changed before addiction takes over.  If someone does cross that threshold, we all need to continue to inspire courage as they walk on their journey.   

Please inspire courage today!


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